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Local Energy Services and Funding

As a generator of electricity, Heart of England Community Energy has benefited from the high energy prices that are a burden to consumers - households, businesses and community organisations and schools. We would love to be able to supply low-cost solar power directly to local consumers but current legislation does not enable it. What we are doing is recycling the profits we make into helping our community reduce its energy consumption and supporting those struggling with the cost of living.

Community Grant Fund

We have at least £50,000 available each year to deploy in the South Warwickshire area. We fund local projects that benefit the community, reduce its carbon impact and alleviate fuel poverty.

Solar Soft Loans

We want to help community organisations and schools spend less money on energy bills and more on the things that matter! Our Solar Soft Loans support local organisations in funding rooftop solar panels, LED lighting, energy efficiency upgrades and energy audits.

Energy Advice

We support an energy advice service delivered by Act on Energy. It helps local households access energy bill relief funding, support energy supplier disputes and identify and fund energy efficiency measures that could make a long-term difference.


We proudly support SolarAid, an international charity providing clean and affordable solar lights in Uganda, Malawi, and Zambia, addressing both poverty and climate change. They share our mission to combat fuel poverty and hardship through sustainable energy solutions.


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