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New auction for wind farm leases opens

The organisation that manages the UK seabed has announced a new auction for wind farm leases with capacity for 7GW.

The Crown Estate, which last ran an auction in late 2010, has placed 4 areas up for auction. When developed, they could generate enough electricity to power six million homes.

The four areas are the Eastern Regions together with Dogger Bank, the South East, Northern Wales and the Irish Sea.

Huub den Rooijen, director of energy, minerals and infrastructure at the Crown Estate, said: "The UK is home to the world's largest offshore wind market, attracting global investment, meeting UK electricity needs, and playing a crucial role in the transition to a net zero economy.”

RenewableUK, the industry trade body, welcomed the news and estimated that the auction would bring £21 billion in new investment to the UK and create 9,000 jobs.

Hugh McNeal, chief executive of RenewableUK, said, “These powerhouses of the future will create thousands of highly skilled jobs, continuing the rapid regeneration of our coastal communities, as well as benefiting our UK-wide supply chain.”


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